PCB Promotion

Subject 1~5 PCs Super Saving Promotion

1~5 PCs Promotion

  • Single/ double-sided boards €19.99 and up
  • 4 layer boards €59.99 and up
  • 6 layer boards €75.99 and up
  • Manufacturing Terms
    • Material: FR4
    • Board Thickness: 1.6mm
    • Thickness of Cu: 1oz
    • Surface Finish: HASL
    • Trace Width/ Trace Space: 5mil/5mil
    • Finished Hole Diameter Tolerance: 0.25mm and above
    • Numbers of Holes: 5000 holes or below
    • Distances between Copper Surface and Inner Layer Holes: 0.5mm and above
    • Electronic Test (Multi-layer Boards only): free
    • Solder Mask (Green): free
    • Silkscreen Colour (White): free
    • Basic dimensions at 100cm2 . For every one square centimeter increase in PCB dimension, an additional €0.33 will be collected for 1-4 layer boards and €0.50 for 6 layer boards.
    • Std. Lead time: 9 days (single/ double sided boards); 10 days (4 layer boards); 11 days (6 layer boards).
    • Such offer for final routing is dedicated to a rectangular PCB board with one single model only; V-cut and Slotting is not included.

This trail offer is open to every JetPCB members and is worth 3 times usage for order of one piece only.