promises to respect and protect your on-line privacy. In order to help you understand how gathers, applies and protects the personal information you supply, you are requested to carefully read the following privacy policies. The policies are subject to change. Please review periodically. The documents will guide you through the miscellany of information collects, uses, and the privacy protection policies at
1. Personal Information Gathering Policy at
When surfing the Internet, you do not have to enter your personal data. Based on the scope of service, the information gathers from the users is applied as follows:
Membership Registration
When the user enrolls as a member of, we will ask the user to provide us with the information such as name, occupation, address, telephone number and e-mail…etc.
On-line Activity and Internet Survey
When you participate in the on-line activity or Internet survey, will ask you to supply us with your name, ID number, telephone number, e-mail, and address…etc.
The Websites to Log In
When you voluntarily conduct a website logging-in or make alterations at, your e-mail, address, website description will be retained due to operational requirements.
The Others
Beside the above, will preserve all the relevant records the server produces when you are browsing or checking on the Internet---including the IP address you are connected with, the amount of time used, the server used, and the records browsed and picked. will mark the server of an individual user, and sum up all the websites the user browses within Unless you are willing to notify us of your personal information, cannot and will not correspond with you through the record.
We would like to call your attention to the factory owners who run advertisements at and the websites connected with, your personal information may be available to them. The personal information you supply on you own will be dutifully managed by the advertisers or the websites under their privacy protection policies. How they handle the information is NOT applicable to and we will not take any responsibility in connection with it. Except for the websites and the personal information you voluntarily log onto and provide, you can also supply your personal information such as e-mail and name…etc. at's discussion edition. The information provided in this format is NOT within our privacy protection policy.
2. The Application Policy on Data-Gathering at
(a) On-line Activity and Website Survey
The interviewee's name, ID number collects are only for drawing winning numbers for the activity. The information such as telephone number, e-mail and address will be used to notify the interviewee of the results of the drawing and to analyze them, with no other strings attached. All the other information is for business and market analysis and academic purposes. Unless agreed upon by the interviewee, all the data are only for analysis. will not use them for other purposes.
(b) The Others
When you voluntarily enroll as a member at, the information will only be used for service or activity design. All the information produced without your voluntary registration---such as the IP address, the amount of time used, the browser used, and the records browsed and picked---will be used to conduct an overall analysis of the behaviors of all the users, not an individual user.
3. The Data-Sharing Policy between the Third Party and will not arbitrarily sell, exchange, and rent your personal information to any third party or individual. Under the following two conditions, will share your personal information with the third party under the principles of the policy.
(a) In order to provide you with the other services and preferential benefits (e.g.: discount coupon) or for the third party to do the same, will give a wide range of full explanations and keep you informed before the data gathering begins. You can have the freedom to decide whether you would accept them or not.
(b) When the law-enforcement authorities ask to disclose the personal information of a specific individual out of consideration for public security, will necessarily co-operate with them on the foundations of the formal legal procedures of the law-enforcement authorities.
4. The Application and Policy of Cookie
Cookie is a brief message written into the disc through the browser. It is for the server to differentiate the preferences. You can choose to alter the degree of reception of your browser to Cookie by pressing on the of Netscape or pressing on the of IE ---including accepting all the Cookies, receiving the notice when setting Cookies and rejecting all the Cookies…etc. If you reject all the Cookies, you may not be allowed to use part of the personified information or join part of the activity. Depending on the following purposes and circumstances, will write the information into your server and read Cookies under the principles of the policy:
(a) To provide better and more personified service, and help you better interact, Cookies will be established when you register or log onto and alter when you log out.
(b) To sum up the number of browsers and analyze the modes of browsing to understand the situation of website browsing.
5. Policy of Business Information Transmission and E-mail will transmit business information and e-mails to you before and after obtaining your permission upon logging in. We will make a footnote on the documents or e-mail transmitted by and supply you with the methods, explanations and functional connections of discontinued reception of all these documents and e-mails. To provide you with other services and preferential benefits (e.g.: discount coupon), will fully explain at the activity and notify you before the third party transmits. You have the freedom to decide whether to accept the specific service and activity.
6. Policy of Modifications on Personal Information
(a) Membership Registration
When you voluntarily enroll as a member of, you can readily use your ID and password to alter any personal information you enter (e.g.: name, nickname, address, telephone number, and e-mail address…etc.).
(b) The Others
Beside the personal information you enter, the personal information you voluntarily supply in the discussion edition of will not be within the scope of modifications.
7. Self-protection Measures
Please carefully keep your password or any personal information to yourself. After you are finished with reading all the e-mails, please be sure to log out. If you and others share the same computer or use the public computer, please be sure to shut down the window of the browser to stop others from reading your personal information and mail.
8. Protecting the Child's Privacy will not share with the third party the personal information of children under 13. We will not sell and rent the user's personal information. And will not arbitrarily transmit to children under 13 the business information concerning sales promotions.
9. Policy Consultations on Privacy Protection
If you have any questions about the Privacy Protection within, please do not hesitate to contact us.