PCB Fabrication

Applicable Specifications
The following manufacturing standards are subject to the PCB production at JetPCB.com
Manufacturing Specifications
General specifications/ Other specifications/ Restrictions
Caution: The usage and storage of printing circuit boards
4.1 Material Use
(1) Substrates (2) Copper foil
4.2 Copper Plating
4.3 Surface Finish
4.4 Finished Dimensions
(1) Tolerance values applied to finished dimensions (2) Completed shapes
4.5 Lay Up
(1) Board thickness tolerance (2) 2-layer stackup (3) 4-layer stackup (4) 6-layer stackup (5) 8-layer stackup
4.6 Trace Width
4.7 Trace Space
(1) Measurement of the minimum electrical conductivity (including the distances between traces, traces V.S pad, pad V.S pad) (2) distances between the conductors and board edges.
4.8 Hole Diameter and Pad Specification
(1) Hole tolerance (2) Distances betweens holes
4.9 Accuracy of Drilling
4.10 SMD pad
(1) SMD pitch (2) SMD Conductor width
4.11 Solder Mask
(1) Color categorization (2) Basic conditions (3) Spread criteria
4.12 Conductor Loss
4.13 Bow and Twist Specifications
4.14 V-Cut Specifications
(1) Angle (2) Depth (3) Width (4) V-cut angle deviation (5) Position accuracy
4.15 Legend Printing Specifications
Delivery Inspection Items
The exterior appearance and overall size inspection
Manufacturing Inspection
(1) Film inspection
(2) After-exposure inner layer inspection (double sided boards are excluded)
(3) After-etching inspection (double sided boards are excluded)
(4) After-plating inspection
(5) After-exposure outer layer inspection
(6) After-etching outer layer inspection
(7) Delivery inspection
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