News Release

Headline Order Online with Confidence - JetPCB is responsible for Cross Checks

When placing an order online, members do not need to worry about erroneous entries.
After the online order is placed, JetPCB will cross check the order with the uploaded GERBER’s specifications and contents.

If the online entry is different from the GERBER, we will contact you to confirm specifications or alter prices. You have the right to decide whether or not to continue production. You will not be held responsible for entering erroneous information.
If JetPCB does not catch the discrepancy between the online entry and GERBER, resulting in receipt of unusable products, JetPCB will be responsible for manufacturing a new batch. Extra time is needed for re-production; the lead time will be calculated under the “Normal” production speed in our system.
Ordering online is quick and convenient; please refer to our official website for more details.