PCB Layout Services

I need your assistance with PCB Layout, what documents should I provide?

(*We require at least the schematic and mechanical drawings to process your quote request)

We require the following documents:
1.Design Pattern: circuit pattern, schematic, and netlist
Please provide your design pattern on PCB layout in Orcad 10.5 (We are unable to open documents in Protel format; If your design pattern is AutoCAD, a fair amounts of printing costs may apply).
2.Data Sheet & Bill of Material (BOM):
Please list each part type, model, pin, and kind of packaging.
3.Mechanical Drawing (DXF or DWG):
Please list size of part, stacking structure, tooling holes, component side, joints, fingers, and IC pin in order.
4.Layout Guidelines and Specifications:
Please provide any special requests for cable requirements and restrictions on pattern width, impendence, length, ground covering, copper hatch grid…etc); other restrictions on special component requests: distance, height, heat, and restricted area).
Schematic 1 2 
Data Sheet 1 2
Bill of Material (BOM) 1 2
Mechanical Drawing
Layout Guidelines 1 2 3 4
Layout Guidelines 1 2 3
4th layer stackup, 6th layer stackup, 8th layer stackup B.G.A figures