PCB Layout Services

What should I need to know for the provided PCB Layout?

- The circuit charts must be clearly shown as indicated.
- The component specifications must include each component type, model, type of packaging, and pin.
- Mechanical drawing must list size of part, stacking structure, tooling holes, component side, joints, fingers, and 
  IC pin in order.
- Entry and output files can be either English or metric units.
- Your file name should not exceed 15 capital letters, numbers, and symbols in length.
- Please include a README.txt with the following information:
1. File names along with a brief description of each file.
2. The specific manufacturing terms and conditions for files that are not mentioned.
3. Contact information (include after hours contacts would be preferred, but not required).
With more information in hand, we can proceed with your request as early as possible and without delay. Thank you.